Interior Design

This is how we think. We’re always striving to make homes more livable, lovable, comfortable and 
functional. We also believe that good design does not require a large budget. In fact, we like nothing 
more than the challenge of a client’s small budget or a tiny space that needs our help. Whether it’s a 
one-day makeover to refresh a tired space – or a complete remodel – we provide expert guidance in the choice of materials, finishes, furnishings and all the extras that make it yours.

This is how we feel. We love to create Mood Boards for our clients and help them with color palettes, paint selections and room layouts. We bring your “dream house” to life – in your own home – because you deserve it.

This is how we work. After an initial design consultation – free of charge – we send you our New Client Questionnaire, where you get to tell us what matters most to you. Do you entertain frequently? What colors do you love? What makes you feel happy when you see it? Our goal is to understand you and how you live. We create Mood Boards showing all the elements of the rooms, with links to items you may purchase to achieve the look. Your input informs our recommendations, but we also gently guide you toward imagining your space in a whole new way.

Are you ready for something new? Stop just staring at your inspiration photos on Pinterest and Houzz, 
and wishing your home could look like the pages of a magazine. It can. Those spaces can be yours.

How much does interior design cost? Our hourly rate for Mood Boards, color palettes, room layouts, 
digital renderings and sourcing is $100 per hour. Once we meet with you and determine the scope of your interior design project, we estimate the number of hours it will take to complete. Our clients have hired us for as little as a few hours for an afternoon makeover, or a full-on remodel. The choice is yours: A little change, or a lot.

How do I get a consultation? Our initial consultation is always free of charge. Call us 818.472.0051 or 

Home Staging

This is how we think. As home staging trendsetters, we entered the industry in 2008 to improve the way homes are marketed to potential buyers. Bored with a sea of beige, yawn-inducing, non-offensive 
interiors that populated the real estate market, we tried something different – we brought in color,
energy, life. In short, we added personality to the mix. And people liked it. And they hired us to stage 
their homes. We quickly made a name for ourselves through our signature mix of styles that pulls from 
the best of modern and traditional.

This is how we feel. Our staged homes “feel” like home, like a place you’d want to kick off your shoes, curl up on the sofa and read a book… with a pup at your feet. Or, maybe, it’s a space where you see yourself topping off a martini with three olives and gliding across the room toward your guests. If a home isn’t saying everything it should to potential buyers – and making them feel as if they just must 
buy this home -- it’s not working hard enough for you.

This is how we work. We tour the home, meet with you, take photos and start to get a sense of our
design direction for your home. We treat your home staging as if it’s a “mini” interior design project. To 
do less isn’t the Madison Modern way. 

The house always wins. In staging, our first and foremost task is to “listen” to the home. Is it 
architectural, modern and sleek? Is it Mediterranean, cozy and warm? Or is it a casual ranch style, perfect for a family with kids? Whatever language your home speaks, we’re fluent in it.

How much does staging cost? Our staging fee is based on square footage. Our minimum is 1,000 square feet and our minimum rental is two months. You may also contract for a longer period of time at a set monthly rate. Because each home is different, we like to personally see each property before providing a quote. Our rates are highly competitive within industry standards.

How do I get a consultation? Our initial consultation is always free of charge. Call us 818.472.0051 or