Italian Post-Modernist Influences in NoHo

For our most recent Planet Home Living small-lot residential development project located in North Hollywood, CA's hip Arts District (NoHo), we dipped into the 1980s -- and drew inspiration from the Italian post-modernists. We wanted to play with a new box of crayons and we absolutely love the muted tones and Art Deco shapes we're seeing lately. Photos by Christopher Lee.

5131 Cartwright Ave-157.jpg

Minimalism, matte black finishes, concrete, russet, olive green and blush all had a say in this home's design. The living room's centerpiece, a sofa from Article, opens the door to our soft pastel scheme.

5131 Cartwright Ave-102.jpg

An amazing Crate and Barrel rug with graphite stripes lays down a simple base for khaki green chairs from Urban Outfitters and rust-tone pillows from West Elm. A little blush goes a long way. Here, it's as light as a kiss.

5131 Cartwright Ave-183.jpg

The Cobra lamp from France & Son brings a hit of danger to the space with its stealthy darkness and sinuous shape. We like adding the tension of an unexpected piece to each room.

5131 Cartwright Ave-098.jpg

A look into the dining room and kitchen reveals more matte black in the Serge Mouille-style lighting fixture and counter stools. In the foreground, a Blu Dot smoked-glass coffee table brings in a moody feel.

5131 Cartwright Ave-154.jpg

The undisputed star of the dining room is a large art piece from German textile artist Meike Legler. The subtle color palette of the fabric piece brings out the aloe-green chairs from Article. Living Spaces' industrial dining table completes our matte black metal theme. Simplicity is sometimes the most elegant solution.

5131 Cartwright Ave-177.jpg

Here, Urban Outfitters' concrete side table lends heft next to the sofa. A pale terracotta pillow ties into a hit of peach in the small potted succulent.

5131 Cartwright Ave-150.jpg

Proof positive that a fiddle-leaf fig looks good everywhere!

5131 Cartwright Ave-116.jpg

Graphic, bold, simple. These adjectives all describe the counter stools we found at Industry West, one of our fave stores for bar stools. We brought in natural bamboo, white and blush rose accents.

5131 Cartwright Ave-158.jpg

Fresh white pendants over the kitchen island. A refreshing mix adding contrast.

5131 Cartwright Ave-005.jpg

In the master bedroom, an Art Deco-influenced bed adds height and drama. Millennial Pink counterpoise lamps with marble bases tie-in to the pink tones of the Meike Legler art and throw pillow.

5131 Cartwright Ave-018.jpg
5131 Cartwright Ave-076.jpg

This quiet moment in a corner of the master bedroom brought to you by CB2 and Structube. We fell in love with CB2's Antonio Acrylic Chair at first sight and when we spied Structube's tomato red ottoman, we knew these were a match made in heaven. Just add a print from Jenny's Print Shop and a subtly-patterned World Market rug.

5131 Cartwright Ave-051.jpg

Meike Legler's pale pastel art is made up of pieces of fabric stitched together. It makes a strong statement here, but with a soft speaking voice. We simply love how well it plays with our color story here.

5131 Cartwright Ave-015.jpg
5131 Cartwright Ave-042.jpg
5131 Cartwright Ave-060.jpg

We love bathrooms with tile all the way to the ceiling. And when you add an awesome pendant light and double-tall mirrors, well, all the better.

5131 Cartwright Ave-238.jpg

With a home office this flippin' cute you might never get any work done. But you'll sure have fun looking around. We'd been wanting to put a Stendig calendar into a home staging project for-EV-er, and finally we got to. Love how Article's blush chair looks here too with the surprisingly chic IKEA Torsby desk.

5131 Cartwright Ave-251.jpg
5131 Cartwright Ave-248.jpg

A cozy settee from West Elm on the opposite wall of the home office wears a chic patterned fabric. A simple black and chrome globe lamp and a framed fashion print taken from a coffee table photography book complete the look.

5131 Cartwright Ave-223.jpg

CB2 has really embraced this whole 1980s Post Modernist thing and we embrace CB2 (big hugs!) for creating the Azalea Moon Chair. A dragon plant in a rounded ceramic vessel and a few office necessities on a matte black bookcase make this one cool corner.

5131 Cartwright Ave-079.jpg

A guest bedroom steals the show with oversized chrome mushroom lamps and Urban Outfitters' cuter-than-cute Art Deco-style nightstands. Another Jenny's Print Shop original in a fresh white frame finishes it out.

5131 Cartwright Ave-093.jpg