making vintage book bundles

Vintage book bundles are about the easiest, quickest way to create instant charm on a budget. These cute book bundles were made for a total of $2.50 for all three. Pottery Barn sells bundles like these for $39 (see third photo). The big difference between ours and theirs? They glue their pages together. But why bother, when no one’s going to un-bundle them anyway? I also noticed that their books have plain covers. I wanted mine to entice. One bodice ripper has this opening line visible: “So, he said softly,… the chase is over.”

I’ve seen these bundles selling on etsy, too, for as much as $23. I love the look and figured I’d make my own. A few John Grisham, Tom Clancy and Nora Roberts paperbacks later, and I had everything I needed to bundle my little heart out.

All you have to do to make your own is: 1) buy 29-cent paperback books like I did at a thrift store, 2) rip off all traces of the cover, back and spine of each book, and 3) wrap in simple household string. Voila!