repurposing picture frames into chalkboards

Agreat way to make creative use of a vintage print you find in a thrift shop is to re-purpose it into a framed chalkboard.

It’s so easy and takes just a few steps. Purchase a print with wire hanging hardware on the back and a chipboard backing secured with brads or framing points that can be easily pushed aside.

Carefully remove the print and chipboard backing (you can save the print to re-frame later, if you wish). If the frame is in good shape and you like it, keep it as is. Or, sand it lightly and spray paint it in your desired color.

Paint the chipboard with chalkboard paint, available at any hardware store. Using a synthetic paintbrush, apply two liberal coats (let the first one dry in between coats) to make sure you have adequate coverage. Once dry, reattach your new chalkboard to the frame and push the brads or points down to hold it securely. You should wait three days before writing on your board, though, to ensure the paint is thoroughly dry.