staging to sell on craigslist

Selling vintage items on craigslist seems to be everyone’s favorite hobby lately. So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make someone want to purchase your bedroom dresser instead of someone else’s? Staging. That and good ad copywriting. We have a few vintage pieces of furniture up for sale right now and we’re pulling out all the stops. One of our headlines is “NICE CHEST (of drawers)” and another is “NICE PAIR (of dressers).” Yes, shameless, we know. We’re also selling a couple of nightstands with this ad: “Why Settle For One Night Stand When We Have Two?” But all of that cutesey language aside, the real secret to selling is making people fall in love with your item — and just HAVE TO have it — through staging and photography. Show them how good this piece will look when surrounded by beautiful things. Think Pottery Barn. How do they make simple wooden furniture look so stylish? We’ve already sold a headboard and several smaller items this way. It works.