Paradise in Pasadena

Every once in a while we are given a job that tests our creativity. We look at a space and the wheels start turning. In Pasadena we were given a canvas like no other. Floor to ceiling windows looking out at tall bamboo stalks and unlimited greenery, a beautiful deck with modern patio furniture. 

If there is one thing about this living room that screams Madison Modern Home, it would be the pop of color paired with all of the modern furniture. Having a seat on that sofa will give anyone a relaxing view of the gorgeous hills in Pasadena. 

A modern dining table dressed with neutral ceramics and some colorful sprouts to add some life to every family meal. 

At the end of the day, wrap yourself up in warm quilt and enjoy a tree house style view outside your bedroom window. 

It's safe to say, Paradise in Pasadena was a definite success.