love the hollywood regency look?

Do you love that Hollywood Regency look? Have you always wondered how decorators achieve it? Here is a room we designed at Madison Modern Home that illustrates some of the basic themes of Hollywood Regency style.

Start with a large modern, simple piece of furniture. In the case of a bedroom, the main focal point is always the bed. If the bed has clean modern lines, it leaves you some latitude to have fun with color and shapes throughout the room.

  1. Add transitional pieces like the end tables. These tables are transitional because they “transition” from modern to traditional. They’re simple, but the B&W color scheme gives them a dash of traditional style.
  2. Throw in a bold dramatic pattern like the B&W damask curtains. Classic Hollywood Regency style plays off high contrast. Here we’ve used B&W throughout the room, plus one bold color — yellow.
  3. Add in traditional touches like the paneled pillow, bedding, accessories and the black side chair.
  4. Add a big splash of bright, modern color — the lamps, in this case, which are modern in shape and bright in color.
  5. Fill out the room with soft neutrals — like the beige and taupe bedding — to “marry” the bolder, high contrast pieces together.