from humble beginnings...

Many of the decorative accessories and furniture that we use at Madison Modern Home had very humble beginnings: A dusty table shoved into a dark corner of a thrift shop. A broken chair just needing someone to sand it, paint it, reupholster it and give it love. Some of our favorite finds have been the result of picking through a lot of junk to find the piece that sings to us. Here are a few of our before and after tales, which we call “From Humble Beginnings Can Come Great Decor.”

BEFORE - This Mid Century Modern table base was just crying out for a brass Moroccan tray

AFTER - We had just the tray to complete the look in this staging

BEFORE - This Mid Century Modern end table didn’t need any refinishing. It turned out to be perfect for our design plan

AFTER - We used it in this condo staging next to a low lounge chair

BEFORE - This light blue 1970s style deco revival table just needed a coat of fresh white paint

AFTER - We used it as the counterpoint to a vintage trunk in this entry way design

BEFORE - We found this retro table hidden in the back of a little shop in the Garvanza district of Los Angeles

AFTER - It was the perfect size and style for this breakfast room