today's guest blogger: natalie moore

Today we’re visiting with Natalie Moore, whose studio apartment has been featured on Apartment Therapy and many other design blogs. She made it into the finals as a runner-up in the Small Cool Contest in 2010, and is a design contributor to Madison Modern Home.

The AT House Tour features a close look at Natalie’s DIY space and says: “Natalie has managed to create a glamorous, put-together space, despite only having 285 square feet with which to work. This is why she was an Apartment Therapy favorite during our recent Small Cool contest. She has now given us a full tour, even though it’s still fairly small, of her home. Take a look!”

"Natalie’s ability to highlight the beautiful architectural details of her studio, enhancing the space with which she has to work, has aided in her ability to make this space uniquely her own. She has a clear sense of what she likes, and is able to add punches of color, pattern and texture where they really count, without overdoing it. She’s absolutely made the most of the space, and managed to do it in a way that still gives off a grown-up and sophisticated vibe."

What’s your favorite element in the room?

Natalie: My bed alcove is my sanctuary. I am a pillow-holic and love that I can layer and display as many as I want in this alcove which makes it the coziest spot to hang out, work on the laptop, read a book, or of course, take a nap. I also love having the curtains at arm’s reach for when I want to pull them closed and snooze a couple more hours!

What was your proudest DIY moment?

Natalie: The rug! I had been ogling Moroccan tile rugs for a long time but could never find one that fit my teeny-tiny budget, so I decided to make one myself. My mom gave me an Erslev Ikea rug that she pulled out of her garage and since it was so cheap I didn’t mind attempting to paint it. I made a stencil out of a sheet of cardstock and just starting painting. I’m enamored with the results and the best part is that it’s completely machine washable!